Executive Leadership Coaching

"Leadership growth shouldn't be merely coming from cognitive awareness but more importantly it must be through a behavioral transformation that is measurable. In our Leadership Excellence And Performance Coaching program (L.E.A.P), we are confident in delivering the quantifiable results that you want." Coach Wai K, MCC


Leadership coaches provide guidance which allows the leader to improve themselves, change what they do, make decisions, plan to accomplish their goals, and carry through with those plans. Coaches reassure and help build and maintain self-confidence and a positive attitude when it is needed the most- when facing great opportunities and difficult challenges. Coaching provides focus, validation, and reality testing. Coaching focuses on leveraging the leader's strengths. It helps leaders think differently, break out of traditional mindsets, and be innovative. It builds communication skills, helps to change habits that don't work, and build key relationships with individuals and groups for positive influence and collaboration.

The effect is higher personal effectiveness and accompanied by increased personal satisfaction. In virtually every domain of high performance--sport, music, theatre, and, yes, business, the most accomplished achievers maintain and sharpen their edge with expert assistance. A good coach does not make you into something you are not. Good coaching helps you become more fully what you are capable of being by leveraging on your strength and enhancing areas of opportunities (Read "How to choose a coach").

The coaching experience is one of those rare occasions where one can increase his capacity for greater accomplishment and derive greater satisfaction from his work (testimonials). And the best part: with good coaching the person feel as though they are achieving more with what often feels like less effort. That is the power of focused development. Using a variety of tools and processes, a good Coach helps the manager to discover and develop his very best self; to make the greatest contribution with the highest satisfaction. Circumstances where you stand to gain substantial benefit from the assistance of a capable Executive Coach...

  • You are a leader who has excellent technical skills, but is rough around the edges when it comes to people. Colleagues and team members say that this person is hard to get along with or is so brash that they even alienate people.
  • You are a successful and sensitive leader wants help taking their company to the next level and can't find professional development with enough depth and punch.
  • You are a leader who is adept with people and skills, but lacks the experience and therefore the confidence to really excel to his/her potential.
  • You are a reliable and creative leader who wants support for a new direction or change initiative. This person who is valuable to the organization, has taken on a greater challenge.
  • You are overwhelmed. There is too much to do in too little time and is being pulled in too many different directions. He rowing so fast and so diligently that they don't have time to stop.
  • You are a leader who knows the need to develop successors in your team but lacks the ability develop the team.
  • You want to create a leadership culture in the company in which fundamental skills are in place at all levels and leaders support and learn from each other.

  • Enhancing personal leadership skills such as communication, assertiveness and confidence
  • Improving relationships with colleagues such as peers, team-mates & direct reports to generate support
  • Motivating and retaining people
  • Learning how to coach and develop teams
  • Improving performance of teams or direct reports
  • Boosting personal productivity
  • Reinvigorating personal motivation


  • Better listener
  • Inclusiveness in decision making
  • Managing conflicts
  • Influencing and Persuasion
Developing Organization & Leaders
  • Cross-cultural leadership
  • Enhancing cross-functional relationships
  • Cooperation and Collaboration
  • Developing leadership presence
  • Building stakeholder's trust
  • Driving change
  • Self-Confidence
Managing Performance
  • Delegate effectively
  • Empower direct reports
  • Execution for results
  • Be more entrepreneurial
  • Take calculated risks
  • Hold others accountable for results
  • Deal timely with performance problems


Pre-Coaching Phase
  • Identifying Areas of Growth
  • Identifying Key Stakeholders
  • Base LEAP Levels Measurements
Coaching Phase
  • 4A of Coaching
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Mid-Point LEAP Measurements
Post program
  • Final LEAP Measurements
  • Way Forward

Our Executive Coaching process is supported by our C.O.A.Ch system.


What paticipants say about the program?
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Posted by Laura Lorber (April 10, 2008, 5:39 am Asian Wall Street Journal Report)

At what point does it make sense for a small company to turn to executive coaching?

In this video, reporter Paul Lin looks at a Bronx drop-cloth manufacturer that uses a coaching service that can cost up to $7,500 a year for four workshops and phone support.

It's paid off: The company credits coaching with helping it recover from losing its biggest client - a big-box retailer that made up more than half of its sales.

Coaching is still working to overcome the stigma that it's about "career saves" - fixing problem executives. According to the 2008 Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey, about half of coaching now is used for leadership development and about a third is aimed at solving specific problems.

But coaches can be pricey. Their services average around $300 an hour, according to the survey.

What experiences have you had with executive coaching? Was it worth the money?


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"In the past year since early 2011, the Senior Leadership Team of Maxis embarked on an Executive Coaching & Development program. For this program, I personally selected Wai K to be my appointed Executive Coach over all others as I found him to be very pleasant gentleman with an amiable personality. During the course of the program, I found my sessions with Wai K to be extremely helpful in both my personal and professional development. Not only does Wai K brings with him vast experience in executive coaching, he also demonstrate strong capabilities to grasps work issues/challenges quickly. He is an extremely good listener who never fails to ask prompting questions at the right time and manner. Through his questions and our open discussions, I was guided to seek answers and solutions to any issues/challenges I was facing. I found it useful to discuss "almost anything" with Wai K, be it on a personal or professional level. He conducts himself very professionally and never fails to offer support and assistance required. I would highly recommend Wai K to any other professional executive who is in search of an Executive Coach." Testimonial copy

Sophia Lim, Senior Vice President
Head of Sales & Service, Maxis

Before the coaching sessions with Wai K, I would describe my leadership style as very much directive and some times quite "bossy", as I would like to get things done quickly in my way. However after the coaching, I realized the importance of developing my subordinates; just instructing them what to do and how to do it is not enough. I discovered that as a leader I need to invest time and effort to explore and be curious with what ideas my subordinates could contribute towards solving problems. Being curious is the key to develop people, as only when you are interested in knowing people's capability, ideas, options they could have, I have discovered that I can identify the best ways to solve issues most effectively together with them. This is the key learning I experienced with Wai K's coaching program and I have begun to see the benefits to myself and my team. Thanks to coaching, thanks to you, Wai K!

Denis Li, Senior Manager
Nestle, China

"When I started my 3 month coaching sessions with Wai K, I was a little sceptical about what I could gain from the experience, but I was prepared to be open minded. However, after only our second session, and to my surprise I sensed an opportunity to enable a real shift of my mindset about my role and my behaviours toward those in my team, and an awareness of the difference that I could make in my own effectiveness as a leader.
By the time we completed the sessions, I can honestly say it has been a truly enlightening and valuable experience, which I am already seeing solid benefits in the way I enact my role and interact with my team. It has also been a fun experience and focused my mind on the importance of seeking positive outcomes.
Wai K is a gifted coach and has helped me to understand the distinction between managing and leading, and get me firmly moving on my own change management journey to be a more effective leader by adopting a coaching mindset in day to day team matters and with our change management program. I know am not a polished leader but Wai K has really given me the confidence to grow on my leadership journey."

Expatriate, Senior Regional Manager
Oil & Gas (Requested Anonymity)