Coaching For Performance Workshop

Coaching staff for performance have become one of the most important Leadership skills to master. Many managers are skillful task drivers but may not be effective people developers. The long term effect is demotivated employees, vacuum in the leadership succession and poorly skilled staff with silo mentality lacking personal accountability.

Coaching is not about directing, telling or advising. It is a specialized dialoguing technique designed to bring out the best in a person through enquiry and appreciation. It is a skill and like all skills it can be learnt and sharpened by managers who want to be masterful coaches (testimonials). In order for the coaching practice to be effectively implemented in an organization, it has to be demonstrated as way of life by the managers in the organization. The coaching system, structure and processes in the third stage is meant to encourage this behavior where manager's key coaching performance indicators can be used to support their coaching competency development.

  • Learn and apply effective coaching techniques
  • Delegate new responsibilities with high sense of empowerment
  • Motivate and engage team members to make the changes needed to improve
  • Improve performance by engaging staff into the developmental process
  • Develop future leaders through coaching
Key Topics
  • Distinctions: Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring
  • Effective Coaching Behaviors
  • Developing the three Coaching Mindsets
  • Building Trust with S.C.A.R.F
  • Designing Powerful Questions
  • Active Listening for Potential
  • The G.R.O.W model
  • B.O.O.S.T Feedback
  • 3 Empowering Change Techniques
  • Coaching Practicum and Supervised Coaching
  • Handling Nine Common Coaching issues
Key Benefits
  • Higher accountability to results from staff
  • Unleashing creativity and potential of people
  • Increased profitability and growth
  • Healthier organizational climate

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Our Integrated Development Approach

  • Conduct Coaching Climate survey
  • Conduct individual 360° Leadership Skill Assessment
During program
  • Conduct Coaching training workshop
  • Conduct Coaching Follow-up coaching
  • Implement C.O.A.Ch support system
Post program
  • Conduct individual post 360° Coaching Skills Assessment
  • Conduct post Coaching Climate Survey
  • Compare Improvements

Client's Feedback & Ratings

What participants say about the program
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PM Agency

Wai K - one of the Awesome Coach we met. :) :) ;). Not only your greatful knowledge & skill attracted us, but we admire & respect so much in your personality, your smile, your soft spoken way, your humbleness, your +ve encouragement and so on. Your amazing sharing & thoughtfulness to ease us still continuing to learn from your great self even after your coaching session. Real real AWESOME COACH for us.
We really having so much to learn from your goodself along our life journey.

Sim Sim Kok (Stephanie)
Public Mutual Agency Leader

Fitness First
Deepest gratitude to all your practical activities carried out during the session which had lead us to a good guidance & direction to build our foudation in order to a great pathway.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great coaching training that you delivered here in the Philippines. I learned a lot from it and that it aligned my thoughts on how to be a more effective coach to my line managers and staff here in Pampanga. It was really an inspiration for me to be better at what I do since one of my goals is to grow people and to bring out the best in them. Your training gave me added value and I am really excited to put everything that I learned to practice. I made a decision to re-read your book to make me more aware of how I can be better as a coach.

Marc A. del Rosario)
Club General Manager)
Fitness First Pampanga

UCSI cfp

Thank you again for the excellent 02 days' session in which I have benefited immensely.
Upon my return to the office, I took the opportunity to share my learning experiences with my Team (aged between early 40s to 50).

They were equally enthusiastic after listening to my brief definitions of the Helping Skills - Teaching/Mentoring/Coaching and Counseling.
Their enthusiasm was raised a few notches when they heard that I will be applying the Coaching techniques to help them improve and
To exceed their current level of performance going forward.
Over lunch on the same day, I had a fantastic opportunity to apply some of the skills. Please allow me to share. A senior Manager from another Division was experiencing some challenges in getting her direct report to meet tight work deadlines. She sought my 'assistance' to help her acquire some knowledge in coaching this particular staff member. The Senior Manager realized that I wasn't offering any 'quick fix' but was engaging her level of consciousness (awareness).

John Chan
John Chan
NCR Travel & Tours S/B (UCSI Group).