(Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland, MCC)

The concepts and theories behind coaching are not new. However when packaged in a coaching style they become a new powerful tool kit for leaders everywhere. This book offers a range of coaching tools to challenge managers and leaders of the future to look firstly at themselves and then to empower their employees. Wai K Leong wisely suggests that 'we just need to learn a new way of conversation with a new mindset'.

I first met Wai K Leong when he enrolled to train as a coach at International Coach Academy. He grasped the concepts eagerly and applied himself diligently. When he graduated many of his colleagues celebrated his success. He then went on to get his Professional Certified Coach credential, making him one of only a few coaches in Asia with such a credential.

Wai K Leong demonstrates his passion for coaching through each chapter of this book. His ability to introduce a coaching tool and concept and then to apply it to the business world sets him as a leader in this field. "Empowering Asian Mindsets through Coaching', embraces a range of coaching skills and integrates them into a managers skill set.

support the growth and changes they are experiencing. Bringing coaching into the workplace takes a great commitment and understanding of the power of these skills. As this book outlines coaching supports managers in embracing new ways of working, leaving behind old mindsets and embracing new ones.

It is shown that increased industrial growth in China - due to China integrating more into the global economy - would be beneficial to the world, since it would boost industrialization in other Asian countries, 'Economic Growth and Policy Reform in the APEC Region' Martin, Will, J & Anderson, Kym, 2005. Such growth requires new thinking by managers - particularly in how to support and empower their employees through this time of growth. Wai K Leong outlines nine mindset shifts from traditional management practices to progressive management practices.

The gargantuan changes brought by technology and globalisation are going to impact the way we live and work and imagine our world. Dan Pink in his latest book 'A Whole New Mind'(2006, p.1) emphasises a "shift now under way in much of the advanced world. We are moving from an economy and a society built on the logical, linear, computer-like capabilities of the Information Age to an economy and society built on the inventive, empathic, big-picture capabilities of what's rising in its place, the Conceptual Age."

Coaching is the key to the Conceptual Age. Coaching supports managers, employees and companies as a whole. Studies have shown that the return on investment (ROI) of coaching is significantly greater than the investment itself as outlined in a study by Metrix Global. The study found that coaching enables learning to be applied to a variety of business situations. Decision-making, team performance and the motivation are key areas where coaching works.

Paramount to the success of all managers is their ability to embrace coaching skills themselves. The last chapter of this book discusses the journey that managers will take and that the success of it is to ensure you fully commit to the process with all your heart.

As Wai K Leong points out new mindsets need to be created and it is with the use of these coaching skills that managers can achieve great professional growth and personal growth.

Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland, CEO
International Coach Academy