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Coach Mastery Academy

Wai K Greetings and welcome to JMC Coach Mastery Academy. Since 1999, we have been helping coaches and leaders elevate performance through the art, science and practice of coaching; aligned International Coaching Federation (ICF).
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Coaching CertificationACTP
At Coach Mastery Academy, this coach certification syllabus is specially designed and customized to fulfill requirements by International Coach Federation to be a certified professional coach.
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Coaching For Performance

Coaching for performance and talent development have become an important leadership skill needed for a thriving organization. It is a specialized conversation that engages and empowers people to give their best.

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Executive Coaching

Leadership effectiveness is greatly enhanced when the leader learns to discover and use their potential, applying their knowledge and wisdom to achieve their personal and organizational goals.

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    This ICF ACSTH program is designed to equip participants with in-depth, advance coaching skills that is aligned to the ICF core competencies which will eventually leads towards ICF ACC level of certification.

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    This ICF ACTP program is designed for participants who have at least 60 hours of coach-training and intends to elevate their coaching skills to the mastery level and eventually achieving ICF PCC credential.
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  • Executive LEADERSHIP

    This program is designed for leaders who has the ambition to refine and elevate their leadership effectiveness through a personalized and customized development approach

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    This program is designed to equip leaders with coaching skills such as trust building, active listening, asking powerful questions, providing effective feedback to develop teams.

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    This program is designed to help leaders who is already trained on coaching skills to coach teams as a group which requires additional skills to handle group dynamics and challenges.

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  • BUILDING A Coaching Culture

    This program is designed to take an organization from A-Z, building a thriving coaching culture; a culture of trust, openess, learning and personal  growth for sustained organizational growth. 

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  • Leadership

    This program is designed for leaders to sharpen further their ability to engage, empower, lead change and motivate their teams to achieve team and organizational goals.

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  • Mentor CoachING PROGRAM

    This program is design to help trained coaches fulfill the 10 sessions of mentoring by a credentialed coach as required by ICF to renew or apply for an ACC, PCC or MCC credential.

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  • Team DEVELOPMENT Coaching

    This program is designed to develop high performance teams that is collaborative, trusting and yet provide candid feed-backs to each other to achieve team objectives.

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    Organizations wanting to build a coaching culture requires a system to support their internal coaches and coachees make progress towards their coaching initiatives and action plans.

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    This highly accurate profiling tool helps the leader understand their behaviors under normal situations, when under stress and their values that drives their decisions making process.

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  • Coaching Supervision PROGRAM

    This program is designed to help trained coaches resolve sticky coaching situations to achieve an even higher level of coaching effectiveness through a proven process of coaching supervision.

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